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There is no pleasure in mediocrity

The Murphy Music Academy seeks to provide the best and most thorough instruction in violin playing, at competitive prices, in the Detroit and Ann Arbor areas.

Through intense personal study at the conservatories of the Cleveland Institute of Music, the University of Missouri - Kansas City, and the University of Michigan, I have a honed a view of technique and a philosophy of playing that, if followed by the student, will allow them to make the most progress possible.

This is regardless of the age of the beginner. I have students in the Academy ranging from 6 years old to graduate students in STEM fields to mothers in their 40s, and all are able to grasp the concepts of technique that make a solid violinist.

In fact, this is my promise to you: if you are a student of The Academy, consistently practicing what you learn in our lessons, you will become a solid violinist.

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What to expect from your time at The Academy

  • An intense focus on technique

  • Reasonable and competitive lesson prices

  • The awakening of your mind-muscle connection

  • Patience for each student’s natural pace of learning

  • Demand for excellence within each student’s pace of learning

  • Prescriptive teaching for each week of practice

  • Steady and solid improvement

  • Dedication and personal investment from the teacher to each student

  • Development of musicianship and expression.


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