Think you can’t bring kids to lessons? Well, think again! All are welcome at the Murphy Music Academy. Check out our Parent-Child packages today!


Private Lessons

The backbone of every student’s musical journey is the instruction they receive privately. While it might be fun to take group classes with old ladies in spin-class and yoga, you won’t be able to accomplish much without direct attention. Learning the violin takes a particular level of detail you wouldn’t get from sharing the time with others.

Private lessons at the Murphy Music Academy are offered in the following monthly packages:

  • Four Weekly, 60 Minute Lessons per month - $200 at $50 per lesson (recommended for students over 10)

  • Two Biweekly, 60 Minute Lessons per month - $150 at $75 per lesson

  • Four Weekly, 30 Minute Lessons per month - $120 at $30 per lesson (recommended for students under 10)

  • Four Weekly, 45 Minute Lessons per month - $160 at $40 per lesson

  • Two Biweekly, 45 Minute Lesson per month - $100 at $50 per lesson

Group Classes

Music doesn’t happen in a vacuum. While the chief focus of study here at the Murphy Music Academy is private lessons and individual practice, it is important for all students, especially young children, to have an environment where they can learn to play together and be inspired and challenged by each other’s progress.

Group classes start 2 months after a student’s first lesson, and are $30 for a half-hour class.

Parent-Child Package

Here at the Murphy Music Academy, we insist upon parental involvement in the lessons. While for most parents this involves dutifully attending each lesson, taking notes, and practicing with their child each day, it can also be incredibly helpful and inspiring for the parent to learn alongside their child. This greatly increases the parent’s understanding of the violin and how it works, greatly increasing the quality of the child’s practicing. For the price of 1 weekly, 60 minute lesson ($50), the parent and child will each receive a 30 minute lesson (normally $30 per lesson).

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