Our Mission


The Murphy Music Academy seeks to provide the best and most thorough instruction in violin playing, at competitive prices, in the Royal Oak and Ann Arbor areas.


The Murphy Music Academy Journey:

Your Path to Success

in the First 3-6 months the student will:

  • Learn the proper violin and bow hold

  • Learn the basic motor patterns for solid violin playing

  • Be able to play simple music, ideal for school talent shows and family gatherings

In 1-2 years the student will:

  • Have mastered violin posture

  • Be building mental stamina and strength to play longer pieces of music.

  • Learn note-reading.

In 2-4 Years The Student will:

  • Have learned the art of vibrato

  • Have developed their own, beautiful sound

  • Have the mental and physical stamina to practice at least 1 hour each day

  • Start learning advanced techniques

in 4-6 Years the Student will:

  • Have solid technical skills

  • Have a highly developed ear

  • Be able to play with full expression

  • Practice 2-3 hours, daily

  • Start playing advanced level music

in 8-12 Years the STudent Will:

  • Have complete development of physical technique

  • Be able to mostly learn and prepare music on their own

  • Have a high understanding of musical structure and how it pertains to interpretation

  • Be playing and learning advanced repertoire at a very fast rate

  • Be practicing at least 3-5 hrs per day.


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