Frequently Asked Questions

+My Child is only 5. Isn't that too young to start playing?

5-7 are the best ages to start! While learning violin is a complicated endeavor, in the hands of a great teacher a young child is best suited to learn the fine motor skills involved in violin playing. This becomes much more difficult with age.

+I'm over 20. Am I too old to begin playing?

You are never too old! While there are challenges that commonly accompany adult beginners, such as lack of practice time and less neural plasticity, the Murphy Music Academy has helped many dedicated older beginners in their pursuit of this new skill. Some are STEM PhD students who needed artistic expression to balance their lives, some are mothers pursuing the dream of being able to play the violin again, and some are engineers renewing a lost passion from high-school. No matter what your circumstance, the Murphy Music Academy will see you achieve your goals!

+What about musical talent? I don't feel that I or my kids have any.

Talent and natural ability certainly exist. It is cruel that some lie to their prospective clients about this fact just to get them through the door. This does not mean you cannot learn or have a good time. When you signed up your kid for soccer, was whether or not he could be the next Ronaldo a factor? Of course not! Studying music is no different. A quality teacher can help anyone and everyone in their musical journey

+Will studying violin and music increase intelligence?

No. It is time we laid this myth to rest. Raw intelligence is largely genetic. What studying music with a great teacher will do is increase your child's ability to concentrate (for a thorough explaination, see this). The Murphy Music Academy has had nothing but success in helping young, engergetic and distracted children learn to practice concentration. When playing violin, you must be aware of multiple actions at once, yet even the most attention-deficit students at the Murphy Music Academy have succeeded in playing beautifully and with quality technique. You merely need a teacher dedicated to patience and diligence, with a completely thorough understanding of violin mechanics.

+How much time will this take out of our schedule?

This entirely depends on the stage of development. Please see the home page for a detailed look at your developmental journey through the Murphy Music Academy. I can say that in the first year, your daily time commitment won't exceed 30 minutes a day. Consistency is more important than the number of hours spent.

+Are weekly lessons mandatory?

If you are a younger student and/or taking half-hour lessons, then yes, weekly lessons are mandatory. Individual exceptions may be made, however. If your family is out of town one week of the month, so you cannot schedule lessons, that would count as an exception. The importance of general consistency for beginners, especially young beginners, is paramount to their development.

+How do I get started?

Starting anything new can be a bit daunting. Here at Murphy Music Academy we want to make that process as unintimidating as possible! First, you'll want to give us a call at 417-434-8213, email the founder at, or fill out this form! We'll help you through everything you'll need to get started, like finding your first violin, scheduling lessons, and the practicing process. Even if you aren't quite sure you are ready to start, feel free to contact us about any questions you have concerning the violin.